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SportWin Group has been developing companies and projects in the sports and consultancy industry for more than 20 years, focused on football club management, events, sports marketing and the construction and management of sports facilities. The Sportwin Group’s operations include:

Football Academies

Akademia Piłkarska Reissa, Akademia Piłkarska Falubaz, Akademia Piłkarska Stal Gorzów – a network of clubs that together constitute the largest football academy in Poland, bringing together over 10,000 players, providing training for boys and girls in over 100 locations.

Our football clubs’ coaching staff possesses the necessary experience and knowledge in working with young players, supported by numerous training sessions, courses, and coaching internships not only in our country but also in some of the top European clubs.

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Individual and Dedicated Training

The academies provide players with comprehensive development, and for this reason, various projects have been created, including additional goalkeeper training based on the methodology of the Wielkopolska Goalkeeper Academy, individual training based on the methodology of Individual Game Fundamentals, and the APR Ladies project.

These projects are aimed at both academy players and individuals aged 7-15 from outside the academy. The sessions are conducted by a qualified coaching staff, ensuring a higher level of development in goalkeeping or football skills.

Training and Research

APR Arena Dębiec, APR Arena Kalisz, APR Arena Leszno, and APF Arena Zielona Góra are modern sports facilities. The pitches are equipped with the highest quality artificial turf, and during the autumn-winter period, pneumatic halls are covered. The facilities have a heating system that warms the hall to the appropriate temperature in a short time.

Sports Championship Schools

We organise the education of young people in the Schools of the Championship of Sport, where young football adepts have at their disposal a dormitory built by us and a whole complex of pitches. Coaches responsible for analytics, motor preparation, goalkeeper training and physiotherapist care are available to the players.

Our Sports Championship Schools:

AP Reissa PoznańAP Reissa OpalenicaAP Reissa Ślesin

Sports Camps

The project of sports and thematic camps was created to enable children to develop their skills, talents, and interests. Each participant has the opportunity to refine their individual skills and passions here, stimulate creativity, and learn independence.

During the summer and school breaks, we offer a rich program of day camps and thematic and sports camps, combining a comprehensive training program led by experienced coaches, counselors, and animators with numerous attractions for young people.

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Manor Matecznik

The Matecznik Manor Estate includes a historic manor house, dating back to the 19th century, and a granary. These buildings have been carefully restored with a special emphasis on preserving their historical elements to maintain the unique atmosphere of bygone years.

Surrounding our estate is nearly 1.5 hectares of green space, which offers a wide range of activities to cater to different preferences. Whether guests want to engage in active pursuits like playing football or fishing or simply relax in the midst of nature with a good book, Matecznik Estate offers a multitude of attractions that should satisfy everyone. Additionally, at Matecznik Estate, we organize sports and themed camps for children.

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Sports marketing and event marketing agency, organiser of SPORTBIZ SUMMIT, an important event for the sports and business sector in Central and Eastern Europe, implementing analyses, reports and sponsorship strategies, as well as sports and facility development strategies for local government units. Publisher of publications on sports marketing and organiser of training courses.


FootballPro.pl is an online store offering a wide range of sports equipment, dedicated to sports clubs. Providing support in online sales, the store allows clubs easy access to professional equipment, from uniforms to training accessories.


SPORTBIZ SPORTBIZ Network Conferences

SPORTBIZ Network is a project that integrates the sports community in the Central and Eastern European region. It primarily focuses on sports business conferences, extensive networking, and continuous education for the ongoing development of the industry. International connections, prestigious awards, numerous expert discussions – all of this and much more have been provided during SPORTBIZ conferences for over 20 years!


Mobile Pitch

A Mobile Pitch is a special construction that replicates a real grass football field. This facility can be set up in any location regardless of the surface. Thanks to a security system, it is possible to install the field inside sports halls. The mobile pitch consists of a grass surface of any size, along with boundary boards delimiting the playing area and goals proportional to the field’s dimensions. The construction also includes special nets to prevent the ball from going out of bounds.


Soccer Arenas

The APR Arena Dębiec, APR Arena Kalisz, APR Arena Leszno, and APF Arena Zielona Góra are modern sports facilities. The fields are equipped with high-quality artificial turf, and during the autumn-winter season, inflatable domes are used to cover them. The facilities have a heating system that quickly warms the dome to the appropriate temperature.

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As part of our collaboration, we offer a range of services: marketing, image-related, online, and team-building. The services are selected individually according to your needs. We are aware of the diversity of your promotional activities, hence we offer you a free choice. We believe that a personalized offer is the foundation of good cooperation today.

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Sportbiz Club

At SPORTBIZ Club, we create an expert community that integrates representatives of the sports and business industry from the Central and Eastern Europe region. Through this network, you will easily find many interesting individuals and be able to connect with them directly. Additionally, as a member, you will gain access to educational materials and recordings, as well as exclusive articles, reports, presentations, and analyses. Join an international community where creating joint businesses and creative projects is easier than ever!

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The Sportbiz Conferences have been connecting Polish sports and business for years.



Publications encompassing the broad subject of sports marketing have been issued under the editorship of the SportWin agency for several years, resulting in a collection of articles, statements, and analyses from the leading experts in the field.

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