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Author: Henryk Mruk
Year of publication: 2006
Number of pages: 370 pages
Cover: soft
Dimensions: 165×235 mm
ISBN: 83-923047-5-6


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I. Introduction
> Prof. Ph.D. Henryk Mruk – Poznań University of Economics
> Piotr Matecki, Piotr Jardanowski – Sport & Business Foundation
> Participants about the conference…
> Debate about the future of Polish sport
> Recording of the debate that took place during the conference with the participation of Artur Łobanowski, Jacek Wszoła, Bogusław Biszof, Roland Sprüng, Zenon Laskowik, Janusz Zaorski
> „The perfect fan” – Andrzej Bobowski

II. Promotion through sport
> Being in good hands – Sylwia Gruchała and others
> Creating the image of an athlete politician in an election campaign after the end of a sports career – Jausz Klisiński, University of Management in Legnica, Częstochowa University of Technology
> Interview with Otylia Jędrzejczak and Paweł Słomiński.
> Overtaking others – brand promotion through motor sport – Michał Grabowski
> How to conduct effective sponsorship activities in the absence of sports successes? — Wojciech Pysiewicz, Warszawska Grupa Inwestycyjna
> Sports sponsorship – a form of enterprise promotion — Dorota Araźny, University of Warsaw
> Effectiveness of sponsoring activities accompanying the Athens 2004 Olympics – Dr. Adam Czarnecki, ARC Rynek i Opinia
> Research on the effectiveness of sports sponsorship – Konrad Pudło, Monitor Wrocław
> Why not sponsor? — Michał Górzyński

III. Communication and media in sports
> Media and sport – Janusz Zaorski
> Communication network and media. Factors influencing the presence of sponsors in the minds of fans – Maria Stachurska, Sport + Markt AG
> Forms of communication of the company’s sponsoring activities – Zygmunt Waśkowski, Błażej Stawiarski, AE Poznań
> Cooperation with sponsors and media on the example of Tour de Pologne – Czesław Lang, Lang Team
> How much sport, how much media? – recipe for success – Krzysztof Hołowczyc
> The concept of promoting the discipline on television based on the example of broadcasting snooker tournaments on Eurosport – Przemysław Kruk, Rafał Jewtuch, Eurosport Polska
> M2A Mission to Athens project – case study – Michał Wierzbicki, Eurosport Polska
> Tennis in Polish – Jakub Kowalski, Michał Rachoń, Materials Well Compressed

IV. Sports marketing venture
> Introduction to the issues of sports marketing in sailing – Tomasz Chamera, Polish Sailing Association, AWFiS Gdańsk
> Event marketing and sponsorship. Sports tournaments on Polish beaches – Anna Konieczna, Witold Lipiński, Sport Mega Marketing
> Revitalization of the „Orlen Team” sponsorship project – Andrzej Kalitowicz, Hołowczyc Management
> Sport in the marketing strategy of PKO BP – Zbigniew Augustynowicz, PKO BP
> Marketing plan for Lech Poznań – Piotr Matecki, Sport & Business Foundation
> Sports Marketing in practice – Krzysztof Baran, KREISEL – Technika Budowlana Sp. z o. o.
> Marketing concept of the Nordic Ski World Championships Oberstdorf 2005 – Matthias Pietza, Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Germany

V. Additional materials
> Quality of services in fitness clubs — Anna Nowińska, Częstochowa University of Technology
> Quality of sports and recreational services — Agnieszka Widawska-Stanisz, Częstochowa University of Technology
> Sports tourism as an academic discipline and a component of sports management – Janusz Klisiński, University of Management in Legnica, Częstochowa University of Technology
> Sport and Recreation as an Alternative to Antisocial Behavior and Addictions – Mateusz Hędzelek, Agata Juskowiak, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
> Deviant behavior of sports fans as a phenomenon of social pathology – Dr. Piotr Potejko, University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań
> The use of the latest technological solutions in training and the athlete preparation process, Beata Fabisiak