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Condition: new
Author: Henryk Mruk, Marcin Chłodnicki
Year of publication: 2008
Number of pages: 256
Cover: soft
Dimensions: 165×235 mm
ISBN: 978-83-923047-1-5


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> Foreword – prof. Ph.D. Henryk Mruk

I. Theoretical and practical aspects of branding in sports
> Sports market and the brand — Krzysztof Kropielnicki
> Brand positioning in sports – prof. Ph.D. Henryk Mruk
> Shaping the image of a sports brand – Dr. Marcin Chłodnicki
> Segmentation and division of the media market and building a sports brand – Dr. Krzysztof Gołata
> Loyalty programs and the brand value of a sports club – Dr. Piotr Kwiatek, Piotr Matecki
> Sports brand protection – Dr. Jacek Masiota, Konrad Klecha
> Sports brands in the face of globalization – Dr. Robert Śliwowski, Krzysztof Kropielnicki

II. Additional materials
> Brand creation from A to Z. How to attract fans and sponsors? — Arkadiusz Żmudziński
> Creating a sports brand in the media — Michał Kober
> Modern communication with fans – the basis for building a brand – Stanisław Pogorzelski
> Sports co-marketing as a way of creating a brand through sport – Wojciech Franczak
> Creating the brand of a sports facility — Wojciech Franczak
> Promotional activities of sports organizations operating in the sports and recreation services sector. Case study: windsurfing – Bartłomiej Chełmecki, Monika Piątkowska
> Brand as the basis for the success of FC Bayern München AG – Artur Grabowski
> „New” Ekstraklasa Cup – a tool for promoting league games and clubs – Marcin Dzedzej
> Marketing communication during equestrian competitions – Dr. Szymon Tarant
> Creating the image of an athlete as a member of a trade union in combat sports – Wojciech Giergiel
> The image of women’s tennis in Przegląd Sportowy in the years 1999–2006 and brand creation in sports — Grażyna Rzepka
> Modern IT technologies. in sports organizations – future or present?