Web-Design and Prototype

Iterative approaches corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking.

Wireframes and Design

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation.

Testing and Evaluation

Collaborative thinking further the overall value settled proposition.


We collaborate with key sports sponsors, advising them on optimal business decisions and assisting in creating effective sponsorship projects

Sponsorship Strategy

We create long-term sponsorship strategies tailored to the brand's image, which allow us to achieve both business and image-related goals

Sponsorship Research and Evaluation

We support sponsors in making decisions before, during, and after the sponsorship projects

Sponsorship Activation

We plan creative activation activities for sponsorship projects, focusing on effective communication with target audiences


We provide advice to leading sports organizations – clubs, associations, and federations – in the areas of development strategy, sponsorship activities, marketing research, and various fan engagement activations.

Organization development strategy

We identify strengths, identify target groups, select communication channels. We create organizational structures, optimize legal and financial matters.

Market research

We conduct analyses and research related to the environment of sports organizations - we create fan profiles, carry out research and evaluations of sponsorship projects.

Sponsoring and commercialization

We create attractive sponsorship offers, implement comprehensive sponsorship projects, and provide advice on the sale of sponsorship rights

Fan engagement and activations

We create and implement impactful and effective marketing communication strategies aimed at building fan engagement.


We collaborate with representatives of local governments in the management of sports, the creation of strategies for the development of mass, youth, and professional sports. We help in the efficient financing of sports in the city and conduct marketing research among residents.

Sports development strategy

We create long-term sports development programs in the region, taking into account the needs of residents and the expectations of local clubs.

Market research

We conduct surveys among residents to determine their interest in sports, physical activity, or their perception of local clubs.

Effective sports financing

We analyze the effectiveness of public funds spending, determine criteria and principles for financing sports.