Who are we

Development of sports in Poland

SportWin Group has been developing companies and projects in the sports and consulting industry for over 20 years, focusing on managing football clubs, events, sports marketing, and the construction and management of sports facilities. Within the SportWin Group, the following entities are operational:

  • Reissa Football Academy, Falubaz Football Academy, Stal Gorzów Football Academy – a network of clubs that together form the largest football academy in Poland, gathering over 10,000 players, and providing training for boys and girls in over 100 locations.
  • SportWin – a sports marketing agency and event marketing firm, organizer of the SPORTBIZ SUMMIT, the largest event for the sports industry in Central and Eastern Europe, carrying out analyses, reports, sponsorship strategies, as well as development strategies for sports and facilities for local government units. Publisher of sports marketing publications and organizer of training sessions.
  • Sportujmy.pl – a tourism project, organizer of camps and half-day camps for several thousand participants annually.
  • Sports and tourism facilities, including: modern pneumatic football halls – APR Arena Dębiec, APR Arena Kalisz, APF Arena Zielona Góra, APR Arena Leszno and tourism facilities, including Folwark Matecznik.
  • FootballPro.pl – a sports equipment store, offering online sales support for sports clubs.


We promote sports among the youngest

We provide children not only with football training but also sports camps and day camps, additional activities such as goalkeeper training, sessions for girls, and individual coaching. Every young player can choose the sports activities that suit them best.


We are building sports infrastructure in Poland

We have a top-class training base with rich training facilities, including the APR Arena Dębiec, APR Arena Kalisz, APR Arena Leszno, and APF Arena Zielona Góra. In 2022, we opened a professional Dormitory in Opalenica for the players of the SMS AP Reissa Opalenica project, providing players with sports and housing comfort


We educate the Polish sports and business industry

The mission of our initiative is simple yet ambitious: to provide knowledge that is the foundation for dynamic development, innovation, and building strong brands in the field of sports and business. We believe that through collaboration with experts, coaches, and business practitioners, we can create a platform for exchanging experiences that will equip entrepreneurs, managers, and sports organizations with the tools they need to operate effectively and compete on both national and international stages.



Piotr Matecki

President of SportWin Group, managing all associated companies. Originator and organizer of the Sports Marketing Days and the Sports and Business Gala. For 7 years, he was responsible for the development of marketing for the Lech Poznań football club. He completed internships at clubs such as FC Barcelona, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hamburger SV. Participated in the implementation of training and scientific projects, among which can be mentioned: 'National Program for the Training of Sports Personnel’, 'European Academy of Sport’, 'Partnership for Development. Athletes in the Labor Market’. Co-creator of the development strategy of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship until 2020 in the area of 'Promoting Lower Silesia through sport’. Publisher and editor of nine books on marketing and management in sport and the industry report 'Sports Sponsorship in Poland’. He creates strategies for the development of sport and facilities for cities, and for companies, he creates analyses, reports, and sponsorship strategies.

Michał Śniegowski

Director of Organization at Reissa Football Academy. Responsible for administration and location management. Has been associated with the Academy since the beginning of his professional career, advancing through all levels over nearly 13 years – from intern to board member.

Marek Pawłowski

Director of Sports at the Reiss Football Academy, formerly a coach of, among others, the 3rd league GKS Dopiewo, Kotwica Kórnik, and Lech II Poznań. Before the 2003/2004 season, he became the manager of the senior team of Lech, where alongside Czesław Michniewicz, he won the Polish Cup and Super Cup. Due to his many years of experience, he is an authority for both other coaches and players. In his work, he focuses on an individual approach to the player and cares about their development.

Szymon Cejba

In the company’s structure since 2013, responsible for marketing and trade at SportWin Group. Creator of the communication and PR department, telemarketing, and promotion, as well as the brand strategy for SportWin Group’s projects. Responsible for the work of several people at the headquarters, cooperating with dozens of coordinators in over 50 locations. In his work, he values both unconventional ideas and well-thought-out analyses.

Bartosz Kujawa

Deputy Director of Sports at the Reiss Football Academy. A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań. Holds a UEFA B coaching license. In the academy, he primarily focuses on training coaches, organizing work at various locations, preparing tournaments, and coaching conferences. Formerly a player for the Mieszko Gniezno sports club. He has a passion for speedway and history.