CSR activities

Sportwin Group for People and the Environment


Foundation Formation

The Foundation commenced its activities on December 28, 2010. The organization’s objective is to support the treatment of its beneficiaries, promote and disseminate physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, seek and support talented athletes, as well as work towards the professionalization of sports in Poland.

organization's objective

The organization’s objectives include providing support for the treatment of its beneficiaries, promoting physical activity, enabling the development of the youngest through sports, as well as identifying and financially supporting talented athletes. For 10 years now, the Foundation has been providing funding for all activities aimed at promoting and popularizing physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Financial Assistance

The activities of the Foundation are supported through funding from local government authorities. Thanks to this financial assistance, we can fully pursue our statutory goals, support the development of young football enthusiasts, and meet the basic need for learning through play. It is through the funding provided by local government authorities that we raise awareness every day of how important a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are in the lives of the youngest individuals.

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"Helping is priceless, and our greatest hope for the future is the younger generation. Let's give them a chance to experience the fullness of life." - Piotr Matecki
Piotr Matecki


CSR Activities

Sports Infrastructure

Investing in sports infrastructure in schools and beyond is an investment in the health and development of our community. Access to modern sports facilities and appropriate equipment enables the younger generation to engage in sports actively and safely, while instilling values such as discipline, teamwork, and healthy competition.

CSR Activities

Funding for School Equipment

For the past two years, in September, we have been organizing the 'Action – Reaction’ campaign – a vote on our social media platforms that allows parents and friends of our athletes to vote for a school. The school that receives the most votes is awarded equipment, fully funded by Sportwin Group. Through this initiative, more than 15 schools have received essential sports equipment.



Since the inception of our Football Academies, together with coaches and parents, we have been organizing a 'Clean Game’ clean-up campaign. Our players, along with the coaching staff, go on a trip in the vicinity of the Academy’s location and collectively clean up the designated area.

Participants in this campaign have the opportunity to understand the consequences and effects of a lack of respect for the environment, thereby becoming aware of how they can contribute to taking care of our Earth.

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